Cellar Gases

CO2 and Mixed Beverage Gases for your Bar

We can ensure you’re always ready to pull those pints

If you run a pub or restaurant, you’ll know how important your gas supply is for the smooth running of your business. We supply CO2 and mixed gases, 70/30, 50/50 and 60/40 with a specialist pre mixing system that ensures our blends are always accurate, and whatever is specified by your brewer is what is supplied.

Our delivery drivers have scheduled runs throughout Lancashire, Cumbria, North, West and South Yorkshire and call every two weeks to top up your gas stock. In the case of an emergency supply we will always get to you as soon as possible. We will ensure your cellar has all the safety information required, and your information on gas handling is all up to date. We can assist you to carry out a confined space risk assessment and where necessary we can arrange for you to buy or rent a CO2 detector.

We also install gas systems for free houses or replacements where a system is already fitted and not brewery owned. This can be in the form of basic regulator with or without changeovers to gas blend systems and nitrogen generating systems. Our sales representative will call and discuss your requirements and offer the most suitable and cost effective system for your site.

Our food grade gases are also available to use in other areas, say the food packaging or brewing industry. Just telephone us with your application and again our sales representative will find the best solution for you. We also supply helium gas in various sized cylinders along with a selection of coloured balloons and party packs to the trade and to the general public.


We supply CO2, and food grade CO2/Nitrogen blends of 70/30, 50/50 and 60/40 depending on your specific requirements. We also offer a range of food packaging gases. Just call us to let us to open an account or enquire about specific CO2 services.

Generators and gas blend systems

We offer a number of gas generators and gas blend systems to suit a range of requirements. If you are interested in these services don’t hesitate to call. Our expert team will be happy to help and will be able to give you advice and guidance on what might work best for you.


With a regular, established delivery route around the North of England, we can supply your business in Cumbria, Lancashire or anywhere in Yorkshire. Let us know what you need and when and we’ll fit it into our route so you get your gas on time.

To get pricing or further information or organise a sales representatives visit please telephone
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